Our Philosophy

The V Organics Philosophy aka ‘just keepin it organic, veggie powered AND real’

V Organic Café uses primarily organic ingredients to make all of our baked goods, lunch items and food as much as we possibly can. Our goal is not only to provide organic, healing, delicious food but to assist you in living a healthier lifestyle too.

V Organic Café uses recycled packaging.

V Organic Café was in fact comprised in both interior décor (vintage) and almost 95% of our equipment and materials of recycled, refurbished and reclaimed materials.

V Organics Café supports community projects and people by using locally made products, ingredients and resources.

V Organics Café donates to causes near and dear to the V Organics heart by providing a percentage of our weekly ‘cupcakes for a cause’ to designated organizations every month. We do this not because we can’t wait to tell you that’s what we do, but because we think it’s the right thing to do and hope others will feel inspired to join us in such endeavors.

Peace   ~V