about-vAbout Veronica, creator of V Organics which includes: V Organic Cafe & Art Gallery, V Organic Skin Care and V Organic Sweet Treats Bakery.

Hi and welcome to VOrganicCafe.com. My goal in creating V Organics was to offer the V Organics lifestyle which promotes and supports the concept that the best life is a balanced one, and a balanced life requires nourishment of the mind, body and soul. Our intention at V Organic Cafe & Art Gallery is to facilitate and support your efforts to live a balanced life by providing you with healthy and delicious food and smoothies, art and art classes for your soul and fitness classes for  your body.

My name is Veronica, aka V, hence the “V” in V Organics. It also stands for Vegan, which is my lifestyle. I’m a visual artist with a formal education in Art History as an undergrad and a Master of Science in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston.

My professional experience is as an art teacher for over fifteen years in Massachusetts. I’ve also worked as an environmental, health and animal advocate for over twenty years in Massachusetts, as well as a humane educator, as Education Director at New England Primate Sanctuary for several years. And as a co-owner of a holistic health center in Westboro, Massachusetts.

I became vegetarian then vegan for ethical and health reasons twenty years ago, as a natural extension and progression of the advocacy work I was doing. I guess the same could be said of the way in which I came to be a creator of V Organics products, cafe, food and lifestyle classes; it was just a very natural progression to want to share  healthier  lifestyle choices which I had discovered in my own life journey, with others.

As the eldest granddaughter and daughter on my maternal side, my station growing up, both as a junior helper and observer, was on the side of my Italian Nana Olympia and my Mama Francesca’s stove, and later as a student at the ovens of my Aunt Patricia; the baker in our family. These women helped to instill a passion for creating delicious and beautiful food. It’s a craft I’ve spent a lifetime joyfully practicing.

Truly I consider my creations in the way of organic food, vegan baked goods and formulations, as much an expression and representation of my art, as any other work of art I create. V Organic Cafe & Art Gallery, along with all of the V Organics products we promote and offer, are truly a culmination of all my passions and commitments, coming together under one roof!  I hope you will stop by sometime to see all that we have to offer in your own endeavors towards living a healthier, more balanced and joyful lifestyle.

~ V